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Understanding Financial Statements 10th Edition, Fraser

Understanding Financial Statements 10th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Aileen M. Ormiston and Lyn M. Fraser take readers behind the financial reports to assess the real financial condition and performance of U.S. companies. This book retains its reputation for readability, concise coverage, and accessibility, and gives readers the conceptual background and analytical tools necessary to understand and interpret business financial statements.

Its ultimate goal is to improve readers' ability to translate financial statement numbers into a meaningful map for business decisions and enable each reader to approach financial statements with enhanced confidence. This text contains everything a student needs to enhance their understanding of key topics including self-tests at the end of chapters with solutions provided, chapter-end study questions and problems.

Throughout the text footnotes provide resources that may be used by instructors to form the basis of a reading list for students. All chapters include coursework that is relevant to today’s student. This material illustrates accounting concepts and the current accounting environment. Chapter 1 includes discussions on the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002in relation to the auditor’s role, the future accounting rules and financial reporting standards, as the Financial Accounting Standards Board and International Accounting Standards Board work toward a convergence of accounting rules.

Chapter 2 explains inventory methods and includes the depreciation example, previously used in Chapter 1, where it blends with the discussion of fixed assets. Chapter 3 reflects the recent changes in accounting standards. Chapter 5 contains a checklist for earnings quality and examples for each item on the checklist are included.

Problems in writing skills, Internet, research and Intel: The problems in this text are based on the 2007 annual report. The Intel problems specifically, offer the student the opportunity to analyze a real, high-tech company throughout the text. At the end of each chapter, problems based on the Eastman Kodak 2007 Form 10-K and Annual Report illustrate how to complete a financial statement analysis using the template available online.

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