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An Introduction to International Capital Markets: Products, Strategies, Participants

An Introduction to International Capital Markets: Products, Strategies, Participants 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Andrew M. Chisholm offers accessible and convenient one-volume introduction to international capital markets, ideal for those entering or planning to enter investment banking or asset management.

As well as serving as an invaluable reference tool for professionals already working in the industry looking to extend their knowledge base it will also benefit all those working in trading, sales and support roles. Describing how the key products and markets work, who the principle participants are and their overall goals and objectives, Andrew Chisholm provides a thorough overview of the global capital markets.

The book covers a wide range of equity, debt, foreign exchange and credit instruments as well as the principal derivative products. In a step-by-step fashion, making extensive use of real world cases and examples, it explains money markets, foreign exchange, bond markets, cash equity markets, equity valuation techniques, swaps, forwards, futures, credit derivatives, options, option risk management and convertible bonds.

An extensive glossary also explains concisely many of the 'jargon' expressions used in the financial markets. Boasting an international focus, examples are drawn from major international markets around the world. It makes extensive use of numerical examples and case studies to help explain a wide range of cash and derivative products used in the capital markets business.

It covers both debt and equity products and includes new material on credit products such as collateralized debt obligations and credit derivative structures; equity fundamental analysis, portfolio theory and convertible bonds. Market data has been fully updated from the first edition and recent events such as the 'credit crisis' are discussed.

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Bond and Money Markets: Strategy, Trading, Analysis

Bond and Money Markets: Strategy, Trading, Analysis PDF Download Ebook. Moorad Choudhry explains and analyses all aspects of the bond and money markets and is both an introduction for newcomers and an advanced text for experienced market practitioners and graduate students. Those with experience of the industry at all levels will find the book invaluable as a standard reference work.

Author has managed to combine the clarity of explanation vital to students of the subject with sufficient content and detail to ensure that even the experienced practitioner will find this book an invaluable asset. To have covered such a complex area so effectively within one reference book is a notable achievement, to have done so with such obvious enthusiasm only adds to the excellence of this work.

This book is aimed at a wide readership, from those with little or no previous understanding of or exposure to the bond markets to experienced practitioners. The subject matter is wide ranging and this makes the book useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students on finance or business courses. The second half of the book will be valuable for advanced level students and first-year researchers.

Undergraduate students are recommended to tackle the book after initially studying the principles of finance, however the basic concepts required (such as present and future value) are covered and serve to make a complete volume. While most of the mathematics assumes a knowledge of basic algebra, some of the contents, particularly in the chapters dealing with derivatives and fixed income analytics, will require slightly higher level mathematical ability.

It is not necessary to have degree-level or even A-level maths in order to understand the basic principles; however those with only elementary maths may find some of the chapters, particularly those on yield curve modelling, somewhat difficult. Complete beginners may wish to review first an elementary text on financial market mathematics. Nevertheless this book is intended to serve as a complete text, and takes readers from the first principles to advanced analysis. Note that by this we mean analysis of the bond and related derivatives markets; the budding rocket scientists among you may wish to consider books specifically concerned with say, option pricing, stochastic calculus or programme trading.

For students wishing to enter a career in the financial services industry this book has been written to provide sufficient knowledge and understanding to be useful in their first job and beyond, thus enabling anyone to hit the ground running. It is also hoped that the book remains useful as a reference handbook.

The book is primarily aimed at people who work in the markets, including front office, middle office and back office banking and fund management staff who are involved to some extent in fixed interest markets. This includes traders, salespersons, money markets dealers, fund managers, stockbrokers and research analysts. Others including corporate and local authority treasurers, risk management personnel and operations staff will also find the contents useful, as will professionals who work in structured finance and other market sectors, such as accountants, lawyers and corporate financiers.

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